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Crazy Egg Catch Endless

About Crazy Egg Catch Endless


Crazy Egg Catch Endless is a cute egg shooting game that you should try. Don't let the eggs fall into the pan, or pick them up and put them on the conveyor belt.

But you need to keep an eye on things and sort different kinds of eggs into different warehouses. As a result, you'll work diligently and completely. The egg must be placed on the appropriate conveyor belt in this game. If you throw away the egg. You'll disturb the chicken, so pay attention to the egg color and adjust the gate accordingly. While playing, have fun. You'll focus on the ethereal color. You should hit red to send the egg to the red chain if it is red.

You should sort red eggs into red eggs and yellow eggs into yellow eggs. If you misclassify, the eggs will fall into the pan, if too much is broken, the mother hen will be angry. Your negligence will do significant harm to the factory. You won't be seen as an employee who is working. Come along and learn everything there is to know about this thrilling edition. To earn a high score, you must receive a lot of positive signals from the chicken.

How to play

The colorful eggs are about to fall, when the chicken has just laid, click the right button of the same color as the egg. The egg will jump into the circle on its own and go down the conveyor belt.

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