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Cat Doctor


About Cat Doctor


Your dream of becoming a veterinarian will come true in Cat Doctor. Let's check and take care of them until they are healthy and you will receive gold stars.

When playing Cat Doctor you will be transformed into a good veterinarian. There are many people who trust and bring cats to you for medical examination. You will have to examine and treat them until they are cured. Let's enjoy the joy of seeing healthy cats grow day by day.

Your mission in Cat Doctor

Cats come to your clinic and get a lot of different diseases. There is a cat with a fever, there is a mischievous cat with a lot of small pieces of wood that are stabbing into the skin. Most of them are sick or seriously injured. You must quickly and carefully examine them and do everything to make them well again. Let's find each medicine, feed them, and surely these healthy cats will recover soon.

How to Take Care of Cats

Each cat patient that comes to your clinic is level. Depending on the type of disease and wound of each cat will be a different treatment. Use the mouse, take the potion, and drag it to each wound one by one. Following the instructions for each position, in turn, is the fastest way to save the cat. When the cats in Cat Doctor are cured, they will rejoice and high-five you. So you will receive stars and pass the level. There are many patients waiting for you, hurry up and save many cats to become a good veterinarian.

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