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Bouncy King


About Bouncy King


Bouncy King is a fun ball-shooting game. Let's rotate the lollipop-shaped boards, and the wooden boards for reflection to help the ball enter the hole.

In this game, your goal is very easy, just help the ball into the hole. But besides that, you have to rotate the wooden panels properly. Why rotate accordingly, it will create reflex forces for the ball to jump straight into the target hole.

The ball will be in the ball box. You make the ball jump up and hit the bars and jump into the hole. You pass the level and become the winner. On the way the ball jumps, you should also choose the lines where the ball can get gold stars. it will help you accumulate points, increase your rank, and exchange attractive gifts.

Move or arrange the wooden slats however you like. You just need to let the ball get gold coins, fall into the target hole and you have won. If the wrong bar does not prevent the ball from falling or deflecting, then you have lost.

Tips: Carefully calculate the path and move the barriers so that the ball can fall into the hole. Pay attention not to let the ball jump too high, also lose the ball and lose.

How to play

Press start select level, press and hold the ball to gain momentum, then release the ball to jump. If you want to adjust the bars, use the left mouse button to rotate left and right. Bouncy King has 30 levels with different difficulty levels and gradually increases spoiled for you to experience.

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